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Owen Lynch is a powerhouse in successful design marketing and lifestyle brand positioning, with an honour’s degree in Design from Sydney’s University of Technology.

From 2015 – 2020 Owen was appointed internationally as head-of-brand for designer Greg Natale, Owen also brings a wealth of experience working with respected brands such as Bergdorf Goodman, Megan Hess, Bisazza, Sarah Ellison, Romance Was Born, Camilla, Kindel, Grange and Mont Blanc.

A specialist in stewarding businesses through a forensic brand efficiency survey, his skills encompass concept translation, ideation, manufacturing, licensing, contract management, take-to-market, product launches and sales.

Adept at critical, commercial thinking, Owen is well versed in applying a valued brand name to a new product or product category and understanding how to bring your current customers on that journey.

His strategic vision ensures his clients are getting into the right category at the right time, both attracting new customers and enticing current customers to augment their historical purchases with new products and services.

Demonstrating a diverse career marketing and commodifying design and creative ideas, his experience spans interior design, furniture, publishing, homewares, home fragrance, wholesaling, bricks and mortar retail and ecommerce.

Owen has served as editor of IndesignLive, he has written for Belle Magazine, Australian House & Garden, Habitus, Indesign Magazine, DQ and Cubes Magazines.  


Owen is also an expert lifestyle presenter on the new Jennifer Hawkins helmed show “Dream Homes Revealed” for the Nine Network and Abode Entertainment.

Season 1 of the series premiered in 2021. 

Season 2 of "Dream Homes Revealed" premieres on 9Life on March 16th 2024.

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