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Brand Shout Design Licensing, Homewares Marketing and Product Development



Who We Are

Brand Shout is a multifaceted brand and marketing consultancy.

We help creatives of all walks of life from writers to designers, chefs to homewares and lifestyle businesses to branch out and extend their ideas!

Backed by close to twenty years working across interior design, product design, product supply, design media, brand management and design marketing - we're confident that our breadth and depth of experience will be an asset to you and your customers.

We specialise in design licensing (licensee acquisition/licensor acquisition) and brand extension, helping known brands expand into the lifestyle space as well as bringing new names and their ideas to the table. 


What We Do


Who We've Worked With

Megan Hess Fashion Illustrator Logo
Sarah Ellison Designer Logo
Steven Khalil Fashion Designer Logo
KATE NIXON Interior Designer Store Logo
David Hicks Interior Design Logo
Lynne Bradley Interior Design Logo
Quercus & Co Wallpaper and Linen Kate Nixon Design Logo
Australian House & Garden Magazine
Linen House Bed Linen Claris The Mouse Logo
Bloomingdales Logo Lighting and Homewares
Straight To The Source Logo
Jacket Curated Designer Furniture and Art from South Africa
Kaiko Design Interior Design Surry Hills Sydney
Double Bay Architect Ask An Architect Georgina Wilson
Onsite Tiles and Garden PAvers
REvel DEsign Architecture and INterior Design Surry Hills
Corina Koch Editorial Stylist
KE-ZU spanish furniture and homewares
Giles Tribe Archicture St Leonards
Naturally Sauced Mishy's Reservoir Street Surry HIlls

How To Reach Us

Brand Shout Brand and Marketing Consultants

+61 415 864 847

PO Box 50, Rose Bay, NSW 2029, Australia

Talent Manager for Owen Lynch

Wendy Richards

Working Management

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